Street Furniture

How few street items still remain in Storrington from the Victorian era and earlier times?

Here are some images; a Victorian post box on the wall on the Storrington village hall and an older image of the post box outside the building.

The George V post box in Storrington road.

The George V post box in Monastery Lane

In Church Street there are the remains of a lamp post.

In School Lane another lamp post. A reminder of the Storrington Gas Co. which started in the early 1860’s and that Storrington was one of the the smallest towns in the country lighted by gas.

Kaymat Ltd (formerly H Kay of Horsham ) was incorporated in September 1934 and was a road and haulage company.

Outside St Mary’s Parish Church, Storrington you will find a foot scraper.

The scrapers appeared at the end of the 18th century, in the times of horse-drawn carriages and dirt roads to enable visitors scrape snow, mud, leaves, or manure off the soles of their footwear before entering.

In Storrington (Mant Close) and West Chiltington there are General Post Office marker post signs (cable markers).

What other items of street furniture can you find?

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